Consulting Services

 FAA and NASA Drug/Alcohol Compliance Auditing

Our audit involves a comprehensive set of protocols developed to organize the significant detailed regulations/requirements and to make sense of them. A unique feature of our audit is that it simultaneously serves as an interactive training tool to help the Program Manager/DER better understand the issues being audited and what the FAA or NASA may be looking for regarding these issues during an inspection.

A selection of sample FAA auditing protocols can be viewed online (Adobe PDF).

 Additional Consulting Services

  • Assist in drafting or revising drug and alcohol policy, procedures and other documents.
  • Provide management briefings regarding rules, requirements and changes.
  • Perform periodic audits of overall or selected programs, procedures and records.
  • Establish self assessment auditing program and train auditors.
  • Develop printed educational material for Drug and Alcohol Programs.
  • Consult with Medical Review Officers, Substance Abuse Professionals and other service agents regarding rules, requirements and related procedures.
  • Conduct pre-acquisition due diligence audits to assess Drug and Alcohol Program compliance liability.
  • Provide technical program guidance during labor negotiations, arbitrations and in other forums involving personnel actions or policy issues.
  • Prepare annual reports for client to be submitted to the applicable agency.
  • Advise Program Manager regarding FAA and NASA updates, guidelines and recommendations.
  • Provide assistance and support to client in connection with program inspections and focused audits conducted by the FAA or NASA, other regulatory agencies, or customers.
  • Provide technology-driven solutions to enhance the Drug and Alcohol Program compliance process.
  • Other services to meet client's needs.

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